Moodumukallochepalante is a bilingual film written and directed by  MadhumitaSundararaman. It was released in the year 2015 simultaneously in tamil and telugu with a slightly different cast. It’s a comedy drama film perfectly suitable for an entertaining night to watch along with your friends and family. It’s a telugu funniest movie in 2020 to watch and one of the best comedy movies out there. Watch MooduMukkaloChepalante movie online today only on Aha!

Cast and Crew:

Directed by: MadhumitaSundararaman

Produced by:S. P. B. Charan

Written by:Madhumita

Actor: RakenduMouli

Actress: Aditi Chengappa

Other actors: Aditi Chengappa,VenkateshHarinathan

Music by: Karthikeya Murthy

Cinematography: Srinivasan Venkatesh

Edited by: Kiran Kanti

Production company: Capital Film Works

More Information about MooduMukkalloCheppalante: 

Release date: February 6, 2015

Running Time: 132 mins

Genre: Comedy, Drama


The story revolves around a lead character Arjun (RakenduMuli) who is an ignorant and an irresponsible young man that lives off his life at the expense of his grandparents and friends money. With no idea, his grandparents leave india and go to the United states of America to settle there and they rent the place they used to live in india to a friend of theirs. What happens to Arjun and what he does to make up for the problem he faces from there on is the comedy and the most humorous part in the film that entertains the viewers. The side plot of the story is Arjun’s love story and the comedy it leaves will leave you with laughs.

Technical Asset:

  • Music has changed the perspective on this movie from funny to ultra funny! It adds so much fun and comedy to the movie than any other movie could. This movie is incomplete without the aspect of music.
  • Screenplay, it seems like the movie goes in a very slow way, but comedy scenes in the movie are plenty! You don’t even realise that movie is about to end til the climax. You get just involved and entertained throughout.
  • Dialogues!! Comedy mainly comes out in the form of dialogues. This movie is a living proof of it. it has the best dialogues which makes you roll on the floor and laugh.
  • Visual effects may be not that focused on But it’s never backwards! It gives you good vibes.

Reasons to watch:

  • Reasons are very vast but! If I’m going to mention some. They are
  • It’s a comedy movie! You can laugh how much ever you crave when it comes to comedy.
  • It’s a focused movie, the story is not confusing as it is written perfectly under the sun.
  • You can watch this movie to get motivated to be happy and even if you choose wrong, you still have the option of correcting it. Just correct the errors and move on.

Watch MooduMukkaloChepalante movie online and have fun! This is a simple fun going movie that you should watch with your friends for some entertaining time to spend all together. Watch this comedy movie.