Almost every retailer in the market, especially considering convenience stores and grocery shops, must make various payments to the vendors associated with them at a specific individual level of the store. One prominent example can be a beer vendor. The law requires all the retailers to pay for liquor upon a successful delivery in about 35 states in total.

In many cases, retailers tend to pay with either cash or through manual checks. Although both the methods are prevalent, they are subject to fraud. The vendor checks singapore to ensure that the store personnel enter a provided personal password and the invoice number to print a vendor check. It is made that only those vendors who the corporate offices of Singapore have authorized are listed in the PC database coupled with a dollar limit per vendor. This is practised so that the system does not end up illicit processing checks.

Recording a vendor check 

  • At the check calculation screen
  • Choose a post date
  • Choose a due date
  • Enter an appropriate date at the check calculation screen concerning the time you choose to print it
  • Type a check memo and a checking comment
  • Select a chequebook
  • Check for the automatically entered check number. If you wish to amend it, you can make up a number for representing it. For instance, 666 for electronic payments and 777 for debit cards.
  • School, amount, and GL accounts will automatically appear. You can manually enter the items too.
  • Decide the recording of the check amongst the following options:
  • Post and Print
  • Post and Print later
  • Post check

During the payment of vendor checks, some of the payment transactions might ask for an enclosure of a particular form or any other document along with the payment check. In addition to this, a wide variety of complications might occur as well, which undoubtedly shall require a special handling process to follow with the checks; this includes both cancellation and re-issuance.

Issuing a check to the vendor

One might choose the option of printing an actual check or recording a transaction made by a credit card, debit card, or any other mode of transaction. If one is starting, prefer beginning by posting year-to-date expenses within the Expenses and Ledger module for every vendor to record whatever has happened in a particular period during a year. All you need to do is look up a vendor about vendor checks singapore and proceed by clicking the check calculation icon on the toolbar.