Base Liquors

It is unknown that spirits are another name for hard liquors or liquors generally, and the primary kind of spirit is known as base liquor. Base liquor acts as a base or foundation for cocktails when one decides to order straight up, so if one is deciding to order spirits online, unless one is planning to drink neat or, in simpler terms, straight from the bottle without mixing anything, get well versed with the making of base liquor or order base liquor along with it. Soda water acts as the base for those who want to drink it light or have low drinking capacity.

How are spirits served in different ways?

One surely can’t deny whether one decides to order spirits online or gets by themselves; the way it is being served matters. Many cocktail lingos are going around, but people get confused with the lingos being used, so here are some terminologies and what they mean:

  1. Neat: As the name suggests, without getting mixed with any other ingredient, when the spirit is directly being served in a glass, more specifically in a two-ounce glass from a bottle, it would be labeled as neat. It is the strongest kind of alcoholic drink. One can’t mix ice with the neat.
  2. Straight is almost similar to neat, but the drink is served in a stemmed glass and is shaken up with ice or water after straining is served. In the UK, It is a kind of whiskey too.
  3. On the rocks- In bar terminology, ice is called rocks, and getting your favorite drinks on the rocks means a cocktail with ice.


If one decides to order spirits online or any liquor for that matter, make sure to check the authenticity of the site and the product they serve.